Outdoor Living Dreams Become a Reality

Now is the best time of the year to plan for the landscaping needs of your property. Winter is FINALLY gone and spring is here at last! The grass is turning green, the trees are starting to bud and before long, flowers will be in full bloom.  Let’s begin surveying your gardens to determine if expansion, renovation, or simply maintaining your existing landscape is the perfect place to start. Maybe instead you’re looking for improvements that will add to your home’s curb appeal and value? Either way, our experts are here to help with the dirty work so you can enjoy lounging on the patio or grilling up some springtime fun.

Hardscape Features

If that “outdoor living” feeling is something you desire, a patio is often seen as the perfect extension of indoor living space. With a backyard paver patio, you can enjoy up to three seasons of the outdoors while you grill, entertain family and friends, or simply relax while observing nature.  We’ll also help you plan for form AND function with any necessary walkways or retaining walls. Always consider that when deciding on hardscape features, form follows function, so consider your needs before you implement. You can always count on us for attractive designs that are also built to last and add the best traffic flow to your property.

hou_april_web1Plant Material

It is important to take time to assess your existing landscaping before making decisions on future enhancements. Here are some basic questions to consider as you begin the process:

  • Have all the plants survived the winter?
  • Are there voids in the planting beds that should be filled with trees, shrubs or perennials?
  • Do you want to renovate your landscape for a fresh look?

When selecting plant material, take into consideration soil type, the amount of sunlight a plant needs, the overall plant size, and the site in which the plant will be placed.  Putting the wrong plant in the wrong place can not only be detrimental to that plant’s health, but it can also have a negative effect on the health of the plants growing around it.  With proper plant selection, your home can have landscaping beds that are full of color and texture year round.

hou_april_web2Yearly Maintenance

It is essential to maintain your landscape throughout the year. Busy lives many times pull our attention away from routine maintenance but tasks like mulching in spring will help keep weeds down, as well as protect plant roots and help maintain moisture.  However, if not maintained, weeds can quickly overtake your landscape beds and have a negative effect, both aesthetically and on plant health.  Proper pruning of trees and shrubs will keep them healthy by removing dead or damaged branches and allowing for new plant growth.  Throughout the year, monitor for various insect pests, such as beetles and aphids, that can easily kill plants if left untreated.  Keep lawn areas free of leaves and debris.  These few simple steps will keep your landscaping looking fresh, healthy and inviting all year long – just know we’re always here to help when and if you need a helping hand.

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